We're passionate about what we do and the service we provide to our customers. We've worked hard to build our reputation in the local business community and we're proud about what we've built. Here are a few testimonials from clients we've worked with in the past:

 "As we are approaching the end of your concrete supply scope of work for the Kirby In-Situ Project, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your experienced team at A&T Construction in assisting and supplying Bird Construction with the required concrete during the execution of our scope of work.

"Despite the remoteness of the site, in general A&T Construction managed to deliver the concrete to site in a good quality & timely manner. In addition the concrete supplied to us during the phase of construction has met the required and specified megapascal (MPa) strength and on many occasions the strength of the concrete exceeded the specified MPa requirements. For that, I would like to thank you and your staff at A&T Construction."

Samil Junozović
Bird Construction

  "A&T Construction were the suppliers of concrete for the Statoil Leismer SAGD project. In spite of very difficult conditions (travel time, weather conditions, etc.) the concrete quality was very good. The concrete consistently met or exceeded project specifications throughout the project."

Larry Porosky
Ass't Site Construction Manager
IMV Construction Lakeland

  "I would like to express my appreciation for the great service and product that A&T Construction has provided.

"To date we have placed over 3000 cubic metres of concrete and are very satisfied - a significant concern at the planning stage has turned out to be a smooth process. Where concerns have arisen, communication between your people and ours has brought attention, response, and resolutions that have ensured continued successful supply. In particular, I have appreciated the mutual planning that ensured our steady progress while allowing you to maintain service to your customers closer to town. Good advance planning also permitted large contiguous pours when required and steady flow of smaller placements in between.

"Concrete quality has been very good - usually achieving high strength early, testing well within specification, and arriving at the job site within specification. Considering the distance from batch plant and the need to use hydration retarding stabilizer the consistency has been much better than we initially expected.

"We look forward to a great finish to the project and wish you continued good business."

Robert J. Henry, P.Eng.
Project Engineer
JV Driver Projects

  "We are extremely happy with the service you are providing. All of your drivers are approachable and friendly and the product that you provide is excellent also. Finishing the 400m pour for the GT foundation was a major milestone for the project and would not have happened if not for the effort put in by everyone at A&T Construction. I appreciate everything your team has done."

Chris Stewart
Civil Superintendent
MEG Energy

  "I have had the pleasure of working with the A&T group on two occasions, once at the Corridor Pipeline just south of Marianna Lake and again at Encana Christina Lake. Both jobs were in locations that made deliveries of any kind difficult, but the commitment and professionalism that was afforded us was greatly appreciated. I personally felt that Brian, Elaine and Darryl went above and beyond what is considered standard business practice. For that I will always consider A&T a leading supplier and I look forward to the next opportunity when we can work together again."

York Wilks

  "A&T takes pride in their work and supplied a good product that met the requirements of a difficult specification. A&T employees are conscientious and worked together with Alberco employes during batching, quality control, and delivery of concrete to the project site.

"We would recommend A&T Construction for future projects."

Mike Rozendaal, P.Eng.
Project Manager
Alberco Construction Ltd.