It’s no secret that good lines of communication with on-site personnel and our general contractor or their testing company is essential.  When we're kept in the loop with slump tests, air tests and concrete cylinder strength results, we can consistently deliver your concrete in the proper specifications for your project needs. Our office is always available to be contacted to discuss our concrete quality.

We systematically do our own testing at our plants or on site to ensure you're getting exactly the quality of concrete that you need for your project. Here's how:

Concrete Quality Plan

Our two plant locations are both certified by ARMCA and our scales are regularly checked to ensure that they are weighing the product correctly.

Experienced certified concrete testers mix each load with confidence because they are visually watching each aggregate, powder or chemical go into each mixing truck.

All materials used in the production and manufacture of concrete shall be the responsibility of A&T Construction and shall conform to CSA standard A23.1. We can also cater to the contractor and adjust the product performance to better meet the needs of the pour whatever the application, wherever it might be.


If mix-designs that are stamped and signed by a professional engineer are needed, it can take some time to have them reviewed and processed. We would appreciate having at least a week’s time to allow our engineering firm to review them and ensure that all needs are being met as well as staying with in CSA regulations.

Any of your documentation needs such as plant certification, delivery ticket information, aggregate analysis, mixer truck certification, and concrete additive MSDS data sheets will also be available upon request.

Concrete Pre-Construction Meeting and Ordering

Pre-construction meetings are a great practice where everyone on site can get to know one another and better understand the needs of each business working on the job. When the placing crews, cribbers, pump truck, concrete suppliers, testers and general contractors are all on the same page it makes for a much easier work day.

When it comes to ordering, the sooner the better! We can always take you out of the work book but some days we can’t always find a way to fit you in. In order for us supply the concrete as requested, the designated contact should let us know of upcoming work as soon as possible.

Concrete Testing

Field Testing Qualifications: Only certified personnel under a recognized program such as CSA or ACI Field Test Certification shall carry out all field test procedures to assess concrete quality as required by CSA Standard A23.2.

Laboratory Testing Qualifications: We ensure that the laboratory testing that is being undertaken to assess concrete quality is being completed in a lab certified in accordance with CSA Standard A23.1-09.

Concrete Cylinder Storage: The general contractor shall provide and maintain adequate facilities for the safe storage and proper curing of concrete test specimens on the project site for the initial curing period as per requirements of CSA Standard A23.1.

Distribution of Test Results: All test results shall be distributed to all members of the construction team immediately.

Acceptance of Concrete Test Results: A&T Construction shall accept only those results completed by a CSA or ACI certified workers and engineers.


A&T Construction shall deliver concrete that meets the requirements of the specified concrete mix design and shall be responsible for the concrete to the point of discharge from the ready mix truck. 

We reserve the right to adjust the concrete on the job site within CSA standards.

The general contractor shall ensure that the correct concrete is being ordered for each element of the contract; that the proper placing, finishing and curing methods are followed; and that proper protection for all concrete is followed.

The general contractor shall provide and maintain, for the sole use of the testing agency, adequate facilities for the safe storage and proper curing of test specimens on the project site for the initial curing period as per CSA Standard A23.1.